The 2nd ALT.NET unconference in Stockholm

February 4, 2009

The Swedish ALT.NET will be hosting yet another “unconference” (a conference driven by its participants) Saturday the 7th of February in Stockholm, i.e. a few days from now. Last time was an absolute blast, so if you’re into the .NET platform then I strongly suggest you chum along. ALT.NET is all about constantly improving your software development skills and keeping an open mind about what the best solution to different development problems might be, and not blindly accepting a “one size fits all” solution from any specific vendor. Just head over to the Swedish ALT.NET site to register (for free of course).

In addition to the open spaces discussions that we hosted last time, we’ll also be listening to some interesting lighting talks (very short presentations) at the beginning of the event. I’ll be giving one about object databases, and others will be talking about iPhone development, code rot, mocking, OpenTK, BDD with MSpec and Continuous Integration.


One Response to “The 2nd ALT.NET unconference in Stockholm”

  1. Donald Says:

    the link is broken…

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