Why the Oredev conference is the bomb

November 22, 2008

Last night I came back from Øredev, a developer conference which took place in Malmö, Sweden. And what a conference it was, so super crammed with nice and motivated people and interesting talks.

The first thing that struck me, months ahead, was the impressive line-up. No wonder I decided to go there instead of the more exotically located PDC2008. Big names such as Robert C. Martin, Eric Evans, Ayende Rahien, DHH, Kevlin Henney and Scott Bellware in combination with track topics that are really close to my heart, e.g. .NET, Agile Ways, Test, DDD, Cool Languages and ALT.NET made for a really interesting mixture.

In retrospect, the conference was an absolute blast. And I’m not the only one thinking so, in fact it seems to hold up really well in international comparison according to people who have been to more conferences than I have. Just read what Microsoft’s Glenn Block and Ayende Rahien wrote during their stay there.

I was more interested in the ALT.NET track (a full day) than the ordinary .NET track, because of the topics. Instead of some sort of corporate demoware sessions, which tend to bore me, I chose the alternative. After an excellent introduction by my collegue Joakim Sundén, interesting presentations were held by Scott Bellware, Ayende Rahien and Glenn Block followed by a panel debate featuring all of the above.

The best presentation was probably “Using Active Record to write less code” by Ayende Rahien, which was cocky and super motivating. Even though I have some experience using ActiveRecord, and pretty much knew about the features he brought up, I had the same “wow” reaction as everyone else did. If you can deliver an ad-hoc presentation which preaches to a converted and makes him want to re-convert, then you’re on to something.

I could go on and on about the conference, but suffice it to say that I’ll most definitely be going back year after year if they keep it up. Bravo!


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