A CHM viewer for OS X

March 16, 2008

I’m toying around with Spring.NET, and since I’m using MonoDevelop on my Mac I don’t have ReSharper to automatically set my using directives. That means I have to consult some documentation to find out what namespace a certain class belongs to in the Spring.NET framework before I can use it. I don’t remember life before ReSharper being this hard.

So I decided to open up the SDK documentation, which is conveniently placed in a .chm file. Conveniently if you’re running on Windows that is. I needed some application to view the .chm file on OS X and I found two open source alternatives:

  1. Chmox (version 0.3). It displayed the contents annoyingly close to the window borders, and more importantly had no search function. Since I don’t want to scroll through half of the documentation to find where a certain class belongs, I had to go the next option:
  2. xCHM (version 1.13). It has some GUI issues that aren’t too bad, and it has a search feature. Winner by no contest, and Bob‘s your uncle. Too bad Mac builds are discontinued, that’s the reason I chose another version than the latest.

Problem solved, I’m back to exploring Aspect Oriented Programming in Spring.NET again.


One Response to “A CHM viewer for OS X”

  1. Julian Says:

    Try also iChm ;)

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