My calendar… gone

February 20, 2008

For the umpteenth time, I synchronized my Sony Ericsson K800i, using iSync (sync application), to iCal (calendar application) on my Mac (white and glossy application container). It’s always worked like a charm… or well, it hasn’t. For some reason, iCal only showed about half of what was actually stored on my phone.

So when I synchronised my device today, it deleted the calendar contents on my phone. And in my iCal. Almost all of it anyway, except the middle of March. Thank you Apple/Sony Ericsson, I have learned the value of backups yet again! If you could only pat me on the back, say “that’s allright sport” and give me my calendar back, that’d be swell…

Since I suddenly have A LOT of time on my hands, do you have any ideas for what I should do with it?


2 Responses to “My calendar… gone”

  1. Sure, upgrade to Leopard and use the awesome Time Machine backup connected to Time Capsule. And why not switch to an iPhone while you’re at it, Apple to Apple sync seems to be working out great for me.

    Seriously though, now you have time for our hobby project… How does Sunday afternoon sound to you, is your calendar clear? :-)

  2. microserf Says:

    I knew you’d say that, just not that quick…

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