MonoDevelop beta 3 on Mac OS X

February 7, 2008

I’ve had Mono installed since I bought my Mac, but the lack of a good IDE made me frustrated enough to install a Windows XP virtual machine and use Visual Studio instead. Until now that is, because I listened to the .NET Rocks! show #313 yesterday where Miguel de Icaza and Geoff Norton talk about the upcoming Mono 2.0 and how the IDE MonoDevelop is included in the OS X installer for Mono. I’ve tried installing MonoDevelop before, but it was such a hassle on OS X that I just gave up. I need stuff to be easy, or I move on to something else.

After I installed the new Mono (1.2.6) package this morning and then dragged the MonoDevelop beta 3 to Applications, it was a great relief to see the IDE pop up. I created an ASP.NET site in a few seconds and fired it up using the built-in server. Then I added some code-behind and everything worked great. I haven’t tried anything more advanced, but I felt I was so excited about this product that I just had to blog about it instantly. If you’re a Mac & .NET freak (I’m looking in your direction Joakim), try this out poste haste!

Edit: The MonoDevelop installer I found was in the mono 1.2.6 dmg that I downloaded from For some reason I can’t find a similar installer at the MonoDevelop site.


5 Responses to “MonoDevelop beta 3 on Mac OS X”

  1. I downloaded and installed the new Mono 1.2.6 OS X installer. MonoDevelop is nowhere to be found… :-(

  2. mary n Says:

    I downloaded MonoDevelop 1.9.1 and there is an icon for MonoDevelop, but when I launch it seems to start to open but then it’s gone.
    any ideas of why this happens


  3. Jade Says:

    I also have the same problem. i click on the monodevelop icon, it seems to start to open and then it’s gone.

  4. James Says:

    OMG! Thank you!! I love you so much for this. All of a sudden my purchase of parallels desktop seems pointless…

  5. maureem Says:

    guys, where exactly is this icon for monodevelop? i’ve installed the mono framework for os-x via the monodevelop site, but the actual monodevelop IDE is NOWHERE to be found. i’ve dug through Finder for hours looking for this….

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