Comparing Preview and Adobe Reader

February 2, 2008

I’ve been using a little white MacBook for the last six months, and what a great machine it is. Just the battery life alone is worth the extra money.

Being used to Adobe Reader from my Windows machine, I quickly dismissed the OS X built-in pdf reader (and then some!) Preview. Big mistake. There’s one feature I’ve been missing in the Adobe Reader: bookmarks. Whenever you’re reading an e-book and have to shut down your computer/application in the middle of it, which is quite so often unless you’re a speed reading superman, you have to take a note of which page you’re on. Maybe there’s another way, but I haven’t found it and that means it doesn’t exist to me. You have to save a text file or something with the page number. Insanity.

Preview on the other hand automatically remembers what page you where on when you shut down the application. So the next time you open up the document, it’s right where you left it. Aah, the simple things that make your life easier. So I uninstalled Adobe Reader quickly after that realization.


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