Large sites using Ruby on Rails

December 12, 2007

I read the newspaper Computer Sweden today, and there was an article about how Ruby on Rails is getting thumbs up from major projects. It was very interesting, since one of the main cons of the framework is how it doesn’t scale very well.

I already knew that Twitter was one of the largest Rails sites, but I didn’t know that LinkedIn was another one. Another surprise was that the Swedish real estate site Hemnet (which is really good) is also based on Rails, delivering approximately 13 000 000 pages per week and it’s growing 40-50 % per year. When my girlfriend heard that it was a Rails site, she said “oh, that’s why it’s so slow”. I found that amusing.

Apparently, Hemnet have been satisfied with Ruby on Rails so far, with short development cycles and easy maintenance being the main advantages according to the project leader. But you should also know that they don’t seem to rely heavily on ActiveRecord, instead they are using their own stored procedures in an Oracle database for performance reasons.

Does anyone know of other large sites using Rails?


8 Responses to “Large sites using Ruby on Rails”

  1. Piku Says:

    Here’s an article about Oracle Mix. Surprisingly for a enterprise company, it was build on Ruby and runs on JRuby.

  2. Bob Says:

    Do you know for a fact that is running on Rails?

    Looking at some of the linkedin urls, it doesn’t seem to be a Rails app.

    Maybe it is used internally for smaller projects?

    They’re using it for something:

  3. microserf Says:

    Bob: No, I don’t know that for a fact… and the URL’s seem dodgy. However, the article states that LinkedIn uses it.

    Maybe they’re using some spaced out routing scheme, I don’t know. But at least parts of the site must be using Rails as you say.

  4. Francis Hastings Says: uses Rails, and is Alexa 2,293 as of yesterday. They do live video streaming for everyone.

  5. Property Nick Says:

    The largest spanish property website is written in Ruby on Rails as well – – was php up until around a year ago

  6. That thumbshot for kyero is still the old php site :)

  7. ata Says: is written in rails

  8. Gary Says:

    We’ve got a list of the top sites running RoR at Builtwith Trends –

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