Web applications and performance

November 6, 2007

I’m currently working on website which is supposed to be able to manage many thousands of users at the same time. But we’re struggling with the performance. So I’ve found some quite useful tools for this:

  1. dotTrace is a profiler for .NET code. A great little tool for finding out what parts of your code take the most time/resources. It’s kinda expensive though.
  2. WebLOAD is an open source load testing solution for internet apps. I like it a lot, even though the documentation is a bit sparse and I’m not quite sure how to interpret all the data I get when testing my sites.

Apart from that, I’ve learned one important lesson when it comes to EPiServer and performance: do not use a lot of dynamic properties for large sites. They tend to suck the life out of the database server, we’ve found stored procedures that take 30-60 seconds just to get all the dynamic properties. Instead we’re going to make them ordinary page properties and push them downwards in the hierarchy.


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