Learning Ruby through unit testing

November 6, 2007

Oh yeah, my Ruby skills are progressing much slower than I’d like. But I’ve found a cool little text that explains how the author learned Ruby through unit tests. That’s pretty cool, and sound just as backwards-yet-making-a-hell-of-a-lot-of-sense as test-driven development. Using the language to learn the language, fun-kee!

So I’m currently reading a little in Programming Ruby and testing my way through the framework. Thank God/Buddha/Vishnu etc. that I don’t have a PC at home (just a white apple), so it’s much more difficult for me to revert to ASP.NET when the new language becomes too complicated.


One Response to “Learning Ruby through unit testing”

  1. If you like that style of learning you should check out XP guru Ron Jeffries “Extreme Programming Adventures in C#”:

    “My colleague Chet Hendrickson and I are working with .NET and C#, to learn it, with the intention of writing the book you’re holding in your hands.”

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