Being a Better Developer… in 6 months

July 20, 2007

Sorry for the infrequent posts, but I’ve been away on holiday for some weeks and I’ve still got a week to go. That’s five in total, you gotta love Sweden!

While I was travelling I listened to the Hanselminutes podcast Be a better developer in six months and even though no one has tagged me with this I’m writing about it. Mainly because the podcast inspired me. So here are my personal goals:

  1. Get my first Microsoft certification, namely the TS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – Application Development. Since there’s no proper learning-all-the-questions software available yet at test, it would really be cool to have one, since then people would know that I really have the knowledge. I’ve tried downloading the demo of one piece of software that is said to prepare you for the certification, but it didn’t work on my computer… just as well.
  2. Setting up a small project of my own and completing it. I have a few ideas for a website that I never seem to have the time to even start with. I hardly ever code on my free time since I’m good at keeping busy outside of work hours. Well, no more!

Examples of stuff you can do to become a better developer according to Hanselminutes are:

  • Talking to people, lunching with other developers from other companies etc.
  • Teach other people what you know
  • Read other people’s code, such as open source projects
  • Get an intern

Too bad most of this has to be done on your free time, but if you want to become a good developer, that’s what it takes. I’ll write back in six months and tell you how I did.


One Response to “Being a Better Developer… in 6 months”

  1. Nice initiative. So how about a lunch? :-)

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