Solving the CS1595 problem

June 13, 2007

I’ve been struggling for a while with the installation of an EPiServer site. There’s always something going wrong when installing them it seems. I installed a blank 4.61/ASP.NET 1.1 site and then replaced some of the content with the files from the source control repository, since the whole site wasn’t in the source control system, only the files that had changed.

However, this led me to the following error after having compiled the site for the first time: When trying to open it, my browser just shouted:

“CS1595: ‘development.Global’ is defined in multiple places; using definition from ‘c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET Files\root\588a0258\4318cd2f\assembly\dl2\af592e75\ 60d0d532_03adc701\EPiServerSample.DLL'”

Okay, so I googled that error. The Microsoft knowledge base article didn’t seem to apply to me at all, instead I found the solution in the Velocity Reviews Forum, where this bloke Alvin Bruney suggests that if there are copies of the same assembly floating around you should:

“delete all these assemblies every where you find them on your hard drive, flush iis temporary files, then rebuild that particular assembly”

So that made my head snap back into it’s position: The EPiServerSample.DLL isn’t even supposed to be there, we’re not using it. So I just deleted it, and then emptied the C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET Files\ folder and re-built the solution. Now there’s only one development.Global, in my real assembly.

Another example of how a tiny, simple problem can delay my work by some hours.


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