Migrating from VPC to VMware + using EPiServer = MAC address problems

June 12, 2007

Today the first big problem of making my MS VPCs VMware virtual machines showed its ugly mug. VMware changed the machine’s MAC address, thus making the MAC-restricted EPiServer license invalid. I tried changing the MAC address to the old one in the .vmx-file, but it seems that VMware only supports addresses in a certain range. So now I have to order a new EPiServer license.

Apart from that, VMware Player today gave me my first blue screen on XP ever. Unless you count that one time that my laptop was next to a drum kit (don’t ask), and the drummer’s bass kicking vibrations caused the computer to blue out on me. Also I find it annoying that once you grab control of the mouse and keyboard in the virtual machine, you have to press Ctrl+Alt to return to the host system. In Virtual PC you don’t have to do that.

Apart from that, VMware is FAAAAST. Just saving the state and then recovering it is so smooth as compared to VPC.


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