Creating a virtual Ubuntu machine

June 11, 2007

Today I was toying around with Ubuntu 7.04 and tried to create a virtual machine via Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007. That didn’t go too well, the reasons being:

  1. Graphics problems (VPC can’t handle 24-bit graphics, which is solved by installing it in safe mode)
  2. The network didn’t work
  3. The mouse didn’t work (possible solution)

I gave up and decided to go for VMware’s free virtualization software instead. First I downloaded VMware Server to install on my XP laptop. Not very stable, so I went on to install it on my Win 2k3 Virtual PC-machine. Just caused it to crash constantly. So I downloaded WMvare Player, which runs on client operating systems instead. And then I used these instructions to create a VMware machine without the VMware server. Just be sure to make the virtual hard drive bigger than 2 gigabytes and you’re good to go (I set it to 16 Gb) because if you don’t, the installation will freeze with no further explanation. Oh yes, I made that mistake.

I also used WMvare Player to run my vpc-machines with Win2k3. I’ve heard a lot about VMware being so much faster than Microsoft’s stuff, but I don’t know yet. Will try it for a while and see.


One Response to “Creating a virtual Ubuntu machine”

  1. Colm Lohan Says:

    You should seriously consider VirtualBox virtualization software from Sun. I set up Ubuntu Mint in about 20 minutes including drive space, memory allocation.
    It run like a charm on 64 bit Vista and the only step required after the guest OS started up was a one time install of the guest additions to aid mouse capturing and changing screen resolution.
    I’ve used Microsoft VPCs extensively but VirtualBox is really quick and easy. I can now fire up a full on Linux box from Windows in under 30 seconds.

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