Aptana and intellisense

June 6, 2007

Yesterday I installed the beta version of the Aptana IDE + Rails which is an “integrated development environment for the Ruby on Rails framework” as they put it themselves. It is similar to Eclipse and can even be downloaded as a plug-in to it.

It has some nice features, like refactoring, unit testing support, snippets, syntax highlighting and code completion. The code completion however, is no way near as nice as the IntelliSense in Microsoft’s Visual Studio, but it’s a lot better than typing it all in SciTE or notepad.

Anyway, I’ve given up on Ruby on Rails: Up and Running (which I previously recommended). It required too much understanding of Ruby for me to really get it, so I’ve switched to Rails Solutions: Ruby on Rails Made Easy by Justin Williams. It doesn’t require any Ruby knowledge, but you should have some experience of developing and/or designing web applications. Everything is explained a lot more thorough than in Up and Running and you get to see a lot of nice AJAX examples as well. Neat!


One Response to “Aptana and intellisense”

  1. Fumina Says:

    I’m studying Ruby on Rails too! I’ve read several eBooks and I find Ruby on Rails Made Easy by Justin Williams the best! It’s really simply to understand and as Im scrolling down the page, I’m coding in Aptana. It’s really a good learning experience with this book.

    While coding in Aptana, I wished there was Intellisense on it or some sort of integrated Ruby/ROR cheat sheet so it makes referring to syntax much easier. Wonder if Aptana will release this capability.

    Have you also tried hackety hack?

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