Ruby readability

May 31, 2007

Ruby is said to be a programming language written FOR programmers, i.e. it is supposed to be readable than say C# and definitely more readable than Python.

However, I think it struggles at that even at the basic levels. For example, the each iterator:

car = ['Chrysler 300C', 'Volvo 740', 'Mini Cooper']
car.each do |c|
    puts c

I mean, the “|c|” thing? The first time I read that I didn’t really understand it. Somehow, it doesn’t feel very natural. “car.each do on c” would be more logical. Not to mention that the verb “puts” means writing it out to your console…

Well, I’m just a newbie at Ruby so far, maybe there’s a lot to it that I haven’t understood just yet.


One Response to “Ruby readability”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I find C# to be 10 times more readable than Ruby, and of course Delphi to be more readable than C#. I’ve been working with Ruby lately and I find it confusing and too complicated. It’s like its simplified down to a point of greater complication.

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