Making IE more standards compliant with javascript

May 29, 2007

Writing CSS that looks great across different browsers isn’t very easy. Internet Explorer has a lot of bugs and crazy interpretations of CSS, e.g. the width issue (where W3C defines width as something INSIDE of paddings and borders, and IE includes the paddings and borders in the acutal width).

However, there are some solutions to this. You can:

1) Use hacks and workarounds, or
2) Conditional comments, i.e. (pun not intended) writing conditional logic that works uses some styling for one browser, and other styling for another browser.

But a new and interesting solution is Dean Edward’s IE7 Scripts. You basically put the javascript library on your server and BOOM, a lot of the faults in different versions of IE are corrected. I quote from the web page:

IE7 is a JavaScript library to make IE behave like a standards-compliant browser. It fixes many CSS issues and makes transparent PNG work correctly under IE5 and IE6

It’s currently only a alpha version (0.9), but something good will come out of it.

Thanks to Molly Holzschlag for bringing this up in her MIX07 session Thinking in CSS: How to Build Great Looking Sites.


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